Host Amanda Seales quits The Real Talk Show

Host and comedian Amanda Seales quits The Real Talk Show after she decides that she no longer wants to take part of a public broadcast that does not allow to speak on important issues of racial injustice and inequalities. Rumors are that Seales got fired, but in reality, Seales felt that she was denied the right to speak about matters that were important to her as an African American female. She also struggled facing some level of oppression in her own experience as a black women in Hollywood business. In other words, she felt that her integrity and moral conscious outweighed the benefits of her staring in a talk show that did not feel was just and fair. And quite honestly, I commend her for this decision. For me, Seale’s decision to leave the show reinforces the messages that if you are not happy where you are at, chances are you are not meant to be there, and there are bigger and brighter opportunities ahead of you. Do not ever diminish your own self-value and truth. The truth always prevails.

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