New Covers on The Gram

I know I’ve been MIA on my instagram account lately (which I feel I don’t talk about as much as I should here on highsnlows), but things are changing as I continue to create & deliver the quality content I want to for you guys on a consistent basis.
I recently posted a few new covers on my music here on instagram which you can hear here.
It’s been tough with everything going on personally & in the world, but I try my best to create good content I want ya’ll to see, enjoy, and hopefully gain some entertainment out of. Cause you know ya girl act up sometimes, but I’ll save that rant & storytelling for another time, haha.
As you may know Tik Tok is also trending like crazy lately, so of course I had hop on it, and it’s pretty much like an extension of my blog You’ll find an array of things from music, to art, to vlogs, and my weekly series which I can’t wait to share with ya’ll soon too. lots are happening right now, and I’m just in the process of lining up my ducks.

This is for all my new followers and my day ones! Thank you for sticking around, I owe ya’ll the world.
much love

x Lo

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