Professional Surfer Bethany Hamilton: Soul Surfer (2011) & Unstoppable (2019)

Such an amazing movie that showcases the power of determination, trust, and faith regardless of any size of tribulation that comes in one’s way.

For those who are unfamiliar, Soul Surfer was released in 2011. Soul Surfer is based on a true story autobiography in which a young girl named Bethany Hamilton whose love for surfing would lead her back to the ocean after a tragic incident. At the age of 13, Hamilton was bitten by a tiger shark that left her with only one arm. In spite of this tragedy, Hamilton continued to follow her passion for surfing and returned to professional surfing. At the age of 24, Hamilton won the Pipeline, on the North Shore of Oahu. Though she faced plenty of doubt and rejection as well as her share of losses, Hamilton continued to persevere with the guidance and grace of His blessing and God. Instead of falling victim to her accident, Hamilton blocked the outside noises that tried to penetrate her psyche and instead turned the accident into a lifelong mission of redemption and resolution. While I may not have the same passion of surfing as Hamilton does, I know that I have many passions inside me that I can not wait to share with the world. While watching the movie, I couldn’t help but feel both the pain and joy Bethany felt as someone who lost her physical part of herself that she initially felt hindered her growth as a surfer. And so this is the moment where I guess I share with you guys my personal story as an aspiring singer to help you understand why I felt I had a personal connection to the movie.

When I was 13, I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroidism, with a visible benign tumor growing in my throat, and as result had to undergo a partial thyroidectomy. While I was concerned for my health, I was also just as concerned with my voice– a concern I couldn’t exactly understand myself at the time. All I knew was I loved singing and if I were to lose any slight part or sound of my voice, I as a person and individual would not be the same. I was worried my voice will not be the same after surgery. After being reassured by my doctor that my voice will remain the same and untouched, I still felt a hinge of doubt but continued with surgery as I felt I had no other real choice. After surgery, my voice was not the same and I felt a difference in my timbre (which I would later learn) and quality in my voice. I was devastated and completely abandoned my childhood dream of becoming a singer. Almost 10 years later, I am upset with my child self for not believing and preserving but also know that I would not have it any other way because I also know that if the love for singing is real, it will not leave. And it never has. It was 3 years ago and when I had somewhat of a spiritual awakening, when I knew music will always remain in me and somehow be very much related in my future. Three years later, and I still very much believe so as I feel my journey has only begun and I have much much more to accomplish in this lifetime.

As a creative and self-identified artist, my love for the music, blogging, travel, arts, social justice, and life has brought me to this very moment where I am completely and entirely grateful for all my gains and losses in life. This is why I created this blog thehighsnlows, so that I can share with you the gems of inspiration& wisdom along with the abundance of love and joy I find in my hobbies, interests, and passions. With that being said, believe in yourself so the world believes in you.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from Unstoppable (2019), Bethany Hamilton’s newest release, is now on Netflix. Unstoppable is a documentary of Bethany Hamilton’s journey of tribulation & success. Another great watch I highly recommend for those experiencing growing pains like myself.

“When it comes to accomplishing dreams & goals [there are] so many key ingredients passion, drive, dedication, commitment & support from people around you.” – Unstoppable

“It takes that certain thing of understanding you have a potential & knowing that potential inside of you & wanting to fulfill it to the maximum. Most people who are like that are really hard on themselves.” – Unstoppable

“It takes a lot of determination, strength, and willpower to let go and be patient with yourself and go through a hundred failures & get that one success.” – Unstoppable

“Her journey is not what all her friends’ journey are. She’s in rare air, she’s in a place that no one’s been.” – Unstoppable, friend Bethany Hamilton

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