Let’s Talk: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man with Matthew McConaughey

Had an enlightening conversation/ debate for the first time in a while at my work place today. For those who don’t know I work as a part-time server, so you can imagine how monotonous the job at hand can be. In short, this conversation ignited a fire that I knew had to be relit and as a result, felt inclined to share this video with you guys today. It’s moments like this that remind me of how short sighted I can be in recognizing my own individual power, thus inhibiting my own self from continuing on my mission as an artist and educator.

For those who self-educating on the subject of social inequality and injustice, I advise you to give this video a moment of your time. Emmanuel Acho interviews Matthew McConaughey in calling out his own behavior as a white individual in the perpetuation of systematic oppression and racism. It is an interview that only scratches the surface of but is insightful and impactful never the less. Acho discusses the analogy of coronavirus to the black lives matter movement and touches upon the argument of “all lives matter”, white allergies, back-handed compliments, micro aggressions, etc. Never meant to point fingers and making this a blame game but only to acknowledge the importance of history and simply act upon this acknowledgment.

Check out more of Acho’s videos on his channel here.


  1. This just might be my favorite post I have ever read on this blog website. What would have even made it more interesting is for them to reverse this and have the black guy be asked those questions to answer about his assumptions on white people . I am almost inclined to make a somewhat similar post with a few twist. Its interesting to see black peoples assumptions on white people and white peoples assumptions on black people..I can definately see this interview as a conversation starter. Great post! I really enjoyed the video


    1. Hi again Christina! That is such a great point, I definitely think both sides would benefit from a conversation like this and also hopefully, break any misconceptions perceived by either side. I live for the day that this becomes less of a taboo to discuss and society as a whole would be more comfortable in participating in 🙂 thank you again for sharing! I’m glad you enjoyed the video, please let me know what kind of content you would like to see on my blog! x Lo

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