KJazz 2019 Newsletter

I know it’s been a while since I have last updated ya’ll on any KJazz events.
As you can probably suspect, not much has been going as of 2020 in consideration of the pandemic and the political climate that has ensued only recently in the last week.

We are currently worked behind the scenes in preparation for the upcoming year, if not next year, if possible & if times permit. I have submitted a draft of the 2020 newsletter only a month ago, but in my predication, by the looks of it, it appears that KJazz won’t be releasing and/or hosting much if any events this year.

In the meanwhile, KJazz stands by the black community– hoping that music will help to bring inspiration & hope in such unprecedented and heartbreaking times.

In the meanwhile & if you would like, feel free to check out our most recent newsletter Looking Back At 2019 & Getting Jazzed for 2020 written by my supervisor & yours truly.

much love x Lo

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