R&B Singer: H.E.R.

Soo, I’ve been following H.E.R. for the longest time.
H.E.R., who birth name is Gabriella Wilson, (get ready) is a half- African American & half filipino Grammy-Winner guitarist, singer, & songwriter.
A mouthful, but the reason why she is such an inspiration to me as an aspiring singer.
H.E.R. has been in the music scene since she was a little girl, but only recently began making moves. H.E.R. is a reinvention from her older self and a new identity she adopted to signify the maturity and evolution in her artistry.
She’s super woman who not only has an amazing voice, but is also skilled in guitar & writes her own music too too.
To me, her music stands out from the rest of the artist in today’s generation of music because of its’ soulful & blues vibe.
A Bad woman if you ask me! She’s one of the many you’ll definitely being a lot about here.
Some of my favorite songs from her are below & would love for ya’ll to take a listen x Lo

(click here to purchase Every Kind Of Way on Amazon)

(click here to purchase Hard Place (Single Version) on Amazon)

(click here to purchase Slide [Explicit] on Amazon)

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