So Cal Bioluminescent Waves (2020)

To celebrate my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday, we visited the Santa Monica Pier where we were hoping to see the bioluminescent waves that everyone is posting on social media. To give a little background, the bioluminescent waves are caused by organisms called “dinoflagellates” that thrive in some waters in certain weather. Other articles refer them to “red algae” or algal bloom. But either or, it’s definitely a rare phenomenon & isn’t a site to miss!

Unfortunately this is a picture I pulled from Google, and we didn’t get to see the waves.
The waves usually appear two hours after sunset which is around 8pm, but we arrived a little after that which might be why we missed it.
Anyhow, we enjoyed the sound of the waves & the sand on our feet, and the best part was it wasn’t too cold.
While we didn’t get to see it, there is always next time especially since the waves do last until the end of Summer. I did add another photo for fun to my gallery that I took while there (with minimal lighting I had).

Side note, you can find parking for $10 in a pink underground structure, right in front of the entrance of the pier. This is for those in the So Cal area, I’d totally recommend ya’ll to take a visit, show up early, and watch the waves glow. Don’t miss your opportunity & check it out! I’m sure it would be an amazing experience.

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