Travel With Me #VlogDiaries

As you may, I absolutely love to document even when it comes to travel!
It’s a way for me to reflect & reminisce of a certain point in my life for my future self.
And also, a reminder for me to stay grounded & grateful for everything’s that I’ve been given & gotten through in life, while serving some form of entertainment for you guys (perhaps some inspo for you guys’ travel as well)

Feel free to check out my #vlogdiaries on my youtube channel. I am still learning how to improve my editing skills (as I continue to travel more in the near future of course, when this pandemic subsides). Might be a while til another big travel blog, but I plan to create more videos for ya’ll as it might be daily vlogs, chit- chat, tutorials, covers, etc. So please stay tuned & please subscribe to see more content!

Thanks for sticking with me!

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