Miss Universe 2018

Crowning of Miss Universe, Miss Catriona Gray 2018

Okay so I know this is old news, but I am writing this because this instance addresses women empowerment (imo a word that I feel has been quite overused in beauty influencer world w/ no true backing.. but still nonetheless crucial) & does involve some relevance to music (& also in part being filipino, of course, & also a fashion).
For those who may not be familiar, Ms. Catriona Gray was the winner of Miss Universe in 2018.
She is half Filipino and half Australian decent. Although she is only half filipino, I must have to admit I admire Miss Gray in so many ways because of what she represents and who she is as a woman.
Not only is she a symbolic of beauty, but an embodiment of intelligence & inner beauty as well.
Miss Universe has a history in working children in the Philippines and charities to help the community. I find her admirable as one day, I would love to travel as she did, to help others in need. She is also very much a music lover, with a music degree from Berklee College– which was not a surprise for me as a lot of Filipinos love to sing.

Miss Gray with child in Philippines

Anyhow, as everybody else I ended up in a side of YouTube I normally wouldn’t find myself.. Miss Universe Competitions. And while I knew of Miss Gray and haven’t watched her, I decided to watch reruns of her performances that year. And her answer was one that caught my attention, and her dress. The dress she wore, can I just say, was absolutely beautiful & stunning. The Mayor Gown (created with Swarovski crystals & mimicked flowing lava) was designed by Filipino fashion designer Mak Tumang, and was beautiful, sexy, and elegant all in one. A show stopper definitely. But back to my point, in the Top 20, the host, Steve Harvey, asked Miss Gray if she were to write a song, what would she name it. And I was quite surprised & pleased with her answer. She is well- spoken with a kind soul. Feel free to check the video out below to find out.

I didn’t realize how impactful these beauty competitions can be in showcasing female empowerment, strength, and resilience to chase your dreams. And that’s what Miss Gray embodied: A Celebration of World Class Talent. For any dreams out there, never give up on yourself and you’ll find yourself reaping the benefits of your hard work and fortitude.

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