“(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” (1967)

“(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” Sung by Aretha Franklin, was initially written by the great Carole King. I was sitting in class during my MUSIC 290 class when I learned this. Til this very day, I am so very grateful I took a couple music courses as my electives during my last year of college. Those courses changed the trajectory of my life, as it inspired my dreams of exploring and pursuing the music realm. And was in the part, the reason behind the creation of this blog that I still very much believe in 2/3 years later. I want to spread and pass on the knowledge that was taught to me and the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years to you guys.

“A Natural Woman” was one of the songs that inspired me as an artist. Both the vocals and the lyrics/ message is so empowering, it spoke to me. And for me, it’s only a reminder of how powerful and impactful good music is after years and years since it’s birth. Years later, it has become the song that inspired a generation of soul singers today. Below is the audio and performance by Franklin (2015), if you would like to take a listen. Along with Carole King’s 1972 performance.

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