For All Lambilys

I think it might be safe to say Mariah is living legend. Though 2020 Mariah may not sound like 90’s Mariah Carey, no one could deny her international/ commercial success as a one of the greatest vocalists who has made a name for herself in an industry that many artists like to call cold and dark. While her gift (of many including songwriting) has perked the ears of many, softened the hearts of others, and opened the gates of heaven, her unique ambition is truly what set her apart. Carey had a vision that forever changed the game of the industry, setting the bar high for those who truly cared for and wanted to create music. And as someone who absolutely loves music and deeply idolizes her, I could hear it clearly in her artistry & music. You guys know, as an aspiring singer and musician, she will forever be a hero, not only to many others out there, but also for myself. She has yet to receive the respect she has worked for and rightfully deserves. Only five grammy’s in span of 30 years of her career? Ha, her son, Moroccan, said it best, “The Grammy’s are bo-ing”.

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