Art Page Update


As someone who has a great appreciation for the arts (more specifically realism drawing), I was adamant about creating an art to go along with my site as well. On my art page, you’ll find a collection of various art pieces (mostly sketches) I created either out of pure inspiration or on the whim. I am sad to say that I don’t dedicate the amount of time I know I need to for my art, which is why I am so grateful during this time of COVID 19.. to really hone in on my talents and skills.

Feel free to check out my art page here, along with my other passions on my site.
Quite frankly, my head space has been filled with so much anxiety and I feel overwhelmed because of all the ideas and creativity I have floating in it.. there’s so much I want to do and know that needs to get done that I am taking it day by day. And while art is my priority, it is just as much my escape (along with music of course).

I also thought that I share some tips & tricks with you guys in regards to my art.
As I have taken my share of art lessons throughout school, I do not have formal education behind my art.
However, it is one of my greatest joys in life as I continue to improve and grow my skillset in art.

Please expect more content soon.

Anyhow, hope ya’ll enjoy

x Lo

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