5.3.20 Update New App Voisey

Hi Ya’ll,

There is a new app on the rise! And this app, known as Voisey, is specifically designed for upcoming music artists and songwriters alike. So of course, ya girl had to hop on it! I just made an account, so there is still much more content to make and is currently in the works šŸ™‚ As you may know about me, I love poetry and I’ve posted most of my pieces here on thehighsandlows.com if ya’ll wanna check it out. You also know how much I love music, so why not combine both? If you have a chance, please follow me on it! They’re all original lyrics besides the beat. Follow me on my account @lorrainebau, have a lot of ideas stirrin’ & I can’t wait to share them with ya’ll!

Thank you so much ya’ll thus for all you’re support!

x Lo


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