My Vocal Journey

*Disclaimer: article way long over due, written weeks ago, but will post as promise to continue my update on my vocal journey with you.

Just took my third vocal lesson, feeling much more energized and confident in my vocal development. Learned several terms such as passaggio, lyrical soprano, the mask, etc. and only wished I had learned and accessed this plethora of knowledge much sooner. My vocal teacher is not only knowledgeable in his expertise but also just as encouraging throughout my vocal development, which for a sensitive soul like me, is just as crucial. Needless to say, while dreaming is important, so is constant application and practice. My past performances and moments such as these only fuel me to take a leap(s) of faith, believe in myself, and follow my calling of music and the arts..
Much, much more in store for you guys and I can’t wait to show you what my sleepless nights, daily struggles coupled with ambition and hunger has lead me to. If the moment isn’t now, it’s never..

Thanks for sticking with me,

x Lo


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