Quarantine & Self-Update

hello, hello..

wow, first off I would like to start off by hoping that everyone is healthy & well, quarantined within a safe space (& creative space if need be) stocked with good food, music, and company in spite of “social distancing” and other social chaos that is happening in the midst of this pandemonium. My initial reaction to this national crisis was to spend this time with my family, even if it meant traveling all the ways down here at the east in Georgia. I know the risk I took traveling across the world from LA to Atlanta, but I also know it is a trip very much needed.. I am grateful to spend this time surrounded with those I love. During this time, I am reflecting and tending to my relationships knowing how precious and short life truly is. And as you may not be surprised, of course, how important music plays in my life. I have been working on the growth of my social media presence on the big platforms i.e. Instagram, Tik Tok, My site, and just recently, facebook as I value the engagement I have with my viewers/ followers (you can peep on my music blog site and my artist blog site). I am also currently working on finishing the tracks for my upcoming EP, which I will be releasing some time this year when this whole epidemic subsides, and I have all the visuals, and hopefully *fingers crossing* videos planned, executed, and mastered. I am taking my time, being diligent as I would like to perfect this EP. In spite that it is only an EP, it is super important, that it is up to par to how it envision it will sound and look like since it will introduce and represent a massive part of who I am both as a person and artist. I am super super excited for what is to come in spite of both the personal and professional hurdles I am bound to face.. I know, as I always say, this is just the beginning, because God knows, I am only starting.

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