Quarantine Playlist pt. 1

If you know me, you’d know that I love all of Mariah Carey’s work. It’s unique. raw. original. and genius. But this specific performance.. this performance for me was the epitome of all the moments for the post 90’s Mariah Carey era. This performance captures the very spiritual and extraterrestrial gift Mariah Carey possesses. One that you can’t really describe, but only feel. Even after all these years of intense tear and usage on her vocal chords, she still has it! It was almost like she was singing to the God and angels above that they heard her and gave her the power to deliver. I can only imagine the magic every one who was present experienced. I can go on and on because I will forever be a lamb! I know it’s been years but I don’t think I can ever forget the initial feeling I got when I first heard Mariah Carey, and this video only reminded me of it and affirms my believe she might arguably be the greatest vocalist the world has ever heard.. (alongside Houston of course). What’s your favorite song by the Supreme Songbird?

Oof! The sultry and sexiness that Toni Braxton owns! Another Sad Love Song (1993) has got to be one of my newest favorite songs from her and my new favorite performance from her. With a deep rich voice like that, she was definitely in the ball park with other great singers. And you really can’t grow wrong with a classic oldie of Toni Braxton’s. Also, can we give credit to her talented sisters, who are killing it with the choreography and background vocals? seriously! Also, lately I have been been binging watching their reality show on Netflix the last couples weeks, it’s addicting haha. if you haven’t seen it, I’d definitely recommend ya’ll gotta give The Braxton Family Values a shot. All different personalities, characters, and talents. Must watch for sure and of course all of Toni Braxton’s tunes. go go go!

Would love to know what songs you guys have been listening to during this quarantine? Comment below!



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