(in the works) TBA: Upcoming Song Release

Soo as you know, I have been working behind the scenes a lot lately in music while maintaining about 5 different jobs…

I’ve been working on a new song with a fellow artist, who I met online. It’s amazing how the internet could open up new opportunities for artists are like mind creatives across the globe. He is a talented producer, aspiring artist himself, who came across my music instagram page and reached out to me for collaboration. He sent me some of his stuff, and once I heard it I instantly had a vision. His stuff his amazing, and I feel grateful to be doing my first official collaboration with him. His support and encouragement also makes this all worthwhile. We are currently in the process of finalizing the song and I can’t be anymore excited to share all the details with you guys. Thank you again for all your amazing support, and talk soon.

In the meanwhile check out my singing instagram page which you can find in my bio or if you click here.

much love,

Lorraine xo

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