2019 Christmas Benefit Concert with Band

Had an amazing time participating in the Christmas Benefit Concert in Long Beach, California last weekend. It has been a while since I have performed in front of a fairly large audience before, there were about 100+ attendees. They were grooving to the music and seemed to be entertained! The band and I performed a total of 13 songs as I had my solo performance singing “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”. Even though I was nervous, I had so much fun. I was afraid I would freeze up and forget my lyrics, but instead I tried to live in the moment, and things just flowed naturally. As evident by the audience’s reactions, it seemed they enjoyed the show as well. It was so nice to hear them applaud after every performance and only reminded me of how much power music has in connecting a group of people.

I also had the chance to get to know more of the band members considering I only rehearsed a total of two times with them prior to the show. I currently don’t have any footage of the performance or any part of the show, but am glad to share them once I have access to them 🙂 As if the concert couldn’t get better… Aretha Franklin’s old manager, H.B. Barnum also performed alongside his choir, who sounded so beautiful! I even had the chance to meet Motown singer Brenda Holloway as pictured below. She sounded like an angel and had a beautiful gown on! When I met her, she was so sweet and down to earth. There were also bell players too who sounded amazing, adding to the Christmas spirit as well. Again, feeling so blessed and grateful to have been a part of this show. It only left me feeling incredibly inspired to do more in the future.



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