A Weekend Getaway: Hornblower Cruise

Ended the week with a small get away with my friend on the Hornblower Cruise in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles. The event was hosted by KJazz and there was live music and served with a delicious brunch. The wonderful guitarist played some great hits like Al Green “Stay Together” and Michael Buble. When we first arrived, my friend and I were greeted with a warm welcome and champagne. The cruise was a two hour ride along the coast of Marina Del Rey, with the view of the ocean and the gorgeous skyline of Marina Del Rey. Though it was a bit chilly, considering we are in the midst of Fall, the sun peaked out and basked us all in its sunlight out on the deck which kept us warm in spite of the ocean breeze and cold weather.  I had a wonderful time and great talk with my friend, who accompanied me, throughout the ride. It’s memories like this that keep me humble and grateful for all that I have and am working towards. Thought I would share some photos down below of our trip.


Hornblower Cruise, Top Deck



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