My Experience at The Los Angeles Third Church Jazz Concert


Not too long ago, I attended a jazz event in the Los Angeles area that only lend me greater appreciation for the music art form of jazz. Eric Reed on the keys backed by a number of talented musicians by name of Anthony Thung on keys, Christopher (to what I recall) on the saxophone who was absolutely amazing and gifted, and a gentlemen on the bass (unfortunately atm I can’t recall his name). The performance was phenomenal. The musicians had great chemistry, it was as if they were communicating through their instrumentals. The whole performance got the whole crowd moving and their legs tapping’ the floor. Mind you, I was literally the only asian person in the crowd, not going to lie I felt so misplaced. Leimert Park is predominantly a black community, so almost everyone else in the room was black with a few white folks. It didn’t, however, stop me from having a great time listening and watching the masters at work. I thought it was fascinating, though there was an apparent racial contrast, the music made me feel at home. It’s amazing how music can make strangers feel like they know in each other simply by the way the other person moves to the music. Definitely a memory that makes me grateful to be living in a city where the music lives.

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