My First Class Teaching Music Moves In Me


My first class with the little ones was so much fun!
It was my first class by myself and although, it was definitely a new muscle for me to stretch, I am glad to know that I am a part of the children’s educational development.

I attended a pre-school in Santa Monica, LA where I led a class of about 10 kids. They were so full of energy that initially it was difficult for me to keep their attention. However, though it is challenging, I am learning on the job. It brought me to joy to watch the children learn and get them to engage with class material and content. We started off dancing to Ms. Calia’s Hello Song then the Instrument Study where we danced with egg shakers to Prince Aladin’s “Friend Like Me”. It such a high tempo song they were rockin’ to it. Then we did Something In My Box, where I showed them pictures of musical plays since this month’s theme is musical theater followed by Story Time where I read to them Mary Poppins. Fifthly, we did the freeze dance to Mary Poppin’s Fragilisticexpialidocious with flags. This song got them on their feet! Sixthly, we did the solfege activity where we sang to Do-re-Mi with handbells. They all sounded beautiful! Seventhly, we did the Oompa Loompa basketball challenge and lastly, the Good Bye song. They all did an amazing job and although, I am still learning their names I am so glad to be building trust and a relationship with the little ones as I think there is nothing else more important in their development.

I am so excited for their growth and to be witnessing their progress. I am thankful for this opportunity and to know that I am making a difference one class at a time. While I am teaching them, I am also learning from them as well. For those in the LA area, feel free to check out our site here. We have a variety of services that will meet your children’s educational needs while offering them fun entertainment. Alongside weekly class mommy and me class sessions, we do host amazing birthday parties that we can customize to your own theme. I will also be following up with some great pictures we took at June’s birthday party in another post!

If interested, feel free to comment below for further inquiries.


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