Aug 17th 2019: The Library Foundation’s Branching Out Series at the Los Angeles High Memorial Park w/ KJazz


I had the opportunity to attend an amazing event filled with great music.
I feel fortunate to have been invited by KJazz because it was an experience that shed light on the beauty of Jazz. I met my supervisor’s beautiful family, KJazz DJ Host LeRoy Downs all the while simply basking under the sun with the music playing in the background. LeRoy Downs shared some of his work with him (i.e. talks, interviews, podcasts, etc.) which I plan to check out and share with ya’ll. The band that played was The Peach Pie Trio, who was amazing featuring Joey De Leon who has worked with the likes of Queen Latifah, Juan Gabriel, and Cyndi Lauper. They even had a mini children’s book sale, where I bought several for my class which I know the kids will enjoy. Will share more about my journey as a music teacher in the upcoming. Below is some footage I took at the event.

You could read more about the event on the KJazz site here.


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