Majid Jordan – Caught Up (feat. Khalid)

Got to add this one to your summer 2019 playlist.
I love how simple the video is. Really captures the feels of summer 2019 for me.
In some ways, I resonate with the message of the song– conveying how distracting it can be for an artist to live in Los Angeles, with the parties, girls, social status, etc. especially during the summertime when we should be socializing.. I’m sure plenty artist experience this, but I know haven’t really been myself because I’ve really been in to my hustle and grind just to be able to do what I love. But all in all, they sing about find art through this distraction/ loneliness of living in LA. Hence, production of the song. I think the best art comes from a place of being lost and sadness, that I find many could resonate with as well.
Leave your comments below. This one definitely got some juices flowing for me.

Before I go, let me end with this.. how many drinks can you pour in a night?

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