Vocal Journey: My First Vocal Lesson

Well, I just took my first private vocal lesson ever. And quite frankly, I feel a bit unsure about it. The first time I called the studio was two years ago back in 2017 when I decided I wanted to take music seriously. All these years, I never attended the class due to a funny inkling about the real takeaway of voice lessons (especially pricey vocal lessons). Fast forward 2 years, I decide to sign up for my first vocal lesson at the same studio. (I was 19 then turning 20, 22 today turning 23 next month..) I had heard so much amazing things about this vocal coach and based on everything I’ve read about her, I thought she would be a great fit. She is based in Los Angeles and has worked with numerous celebrities too. Though I would love to say that the lesson was worth it, I am not entirely sure what my sentiments are.. While I believe there are benefits in attending vocal lessons, I also firmly believed that improvement and growth is ultimately up to the person. I am not in any way discrediting the merit of vocal teacher, but simply pointing out the fact that vocal lessons aren’t the only sure way to success for singers (whichever you may define success to be). I do believe vocal lessons are helpful, but with the access to the Internet, it’s just as doable. I think it takes a determination and willpower that a teacher helps provide, but all-in-all I believe that it also lies within the student. Sometimes the chemistry between the teacher and student isn’t the best, and will ultimately reflect in the progress of the student. Not to mention how vocal teachers could go off tangents that do not provide any direct value that I believe is worth your money (coming from my experience at least). In fact, I recall feeling that some of the things she mentioned I have already read off the internet. Vocal coaching can get very expensive and with the Internet as a resource, a student who is determined enough could pull the various tools that work for them– at absolutely no monetary cost. Overall, I don’t think my experience was horrible that I wouldn’t attend again. Just that it reaffirmed my opinion/ belief in taking voice lessons all these years. I believe all it takes is a little talent (a good ear), consistency, daily practice, and courage which I think lies in anybody believes singing is their calling. Hope to record my progress and share with ya’ll one day. Let me know ya’ll thoughts before or would love to hear about your experience if you have taken any vocal lessons before.

* everything stated above is based on personal opinion *

Thanks for reading ya’ll,

Lorraine x

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