Update: KJazz Mobile & August Newsletter

Hey ya’ll,

So we’re currently in the process figuring out the logistics for the KJazz Mobile so that the event remains accessible and safe for all attendees. The KJazz Mobile is a series of events that will include bands of of at least 3-4 musicians and the exciting part is that they will be performing on an open trailer in parks throughout the city of Los Angeles. The concerts will be free and open to the public.

I am thrilled for those who are interested and will be participating in this amazing event. In the meanwhile, I am curating the upcoming August newsletter and had a chance to sit down and talk with KJazz DJ Host Bubba Jackson. It was a refreshing talk about the music industry at that one, and  one where I was completely at awe of all his incredible insight, knowledge, and wisdom. He was even kind enough to recommend me some material to check out, which I also plan to share with ya’ll once I do. I am sure they are the hidden gems as he had explained. I will be sharing more detail of this experience in the near future. For KJazz 88.1FM listeners, I will also be sharing the newsletter on here as well.

Stayed tuned,

L. x

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