New Project: Music Teacher in Training with Music Moves In Me

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As some of ya’ll may already know, I am proud to announce that I am currently music teacher/ birthday enthusiast in training as well as the marketing assistant for Music Moves In Me. For any of ya’ll in the SoCal area looking to bring some playtime and summertime fun for both you and your family, Music Moves In Me hosts Mommy & Me Family Style Music Sessions every Wednesday at 10.A.M. in Redondo Beach. My supervisor/ owner of Music Moves In Me, is incredible and has a great vision to offer for families with little ones and parents looking to incorporate music into their children’s early education. I am grateful to be given such guidance! These classes help to strengthen and develop their both their motor and cognitive skills while also instilling the value of music in their daily lives. Such classes range in themes (including music theater, dinosaurs, classical, etc.) and help to expose other fun, informative subjects for the littles one. I am so excited to teach in the upcoming school year alongside my peers, as well as sharing my journey with you as a teacher for one of my passions, music. Teaching children to become comfortable with their bodies and voices at an early stage of their life is so important to me, as someone who wishes I had the same opportunity at their age. At Music Moves In Me, we seek to make such classes not only educational, but memorable for children of all ages. Thanks for making it this far and reading ya’ll. Much appreciated.

Please check out our site for more information & how to book a class or birthday party with Music Moves In Me today ❃


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