#NewMusicMonday Update

Hi guys..

so, if ya’ll have been following me for a while you would know that I created a series called “#NewMusicMonday”, where I post a new song/poem every Monday. However, for my day one followers, ya’ll know how much I value quality over quantity. The quality of my work means a lot more to me than you think, and I’ve realized that one week isn’t enough time for me to create the perfect song/ poem that I know I want to create for ya’ll. The short deadline affects my quality of work and it’s important for me to deliver to you guys.. So I’ve decided that I will not be posting this series every Monday, but rather every other couple weeks or so, solely for this reason. Quality content matters to me, because I want to produce the best content for ya’ll and I know it’s what you guys deserve and want to see. Again, I apologise but I know it’ll be best for the long run not only for my art but for you as my audience as well. Thanks for tuning in ya’ll. Your support means the world to me.

Til next time,


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