R.I.P to Entrepreneur, Activist, and Rapper Nipsey Hu$$le

“The real ones been dying, the fake ones is lit” – J. Cole

Why do the good ones die so early?
I’m disheartened by this senseless attack. I am at a loss for words.
As you may have seen, this murder has been covered on almost all the news outlets. As someone who studied Sociology throughout college and have dreams of giving back to the community with my own music and business, I deeply respect this man’s desire ambitions. Nipsey did not deserve this. His purpose was to contribute, give back to his community, and help the young ones stay out of trouble— and suddenly, he became the target for murder. Many say its a conspiracy involving the government, as Nipsey recently admitted that he would be releasing a documentary discussing possible way to cure cancer. That it may have been someone he knew and it was a personal motive. Regardless, the man was a good soul who fell victim to a senseless crime. The Crenshaw rapper also panned to meet with LAPD’s police chief and commissioner today afternoon to discuss a plan to further prevent gang violence. Nipsey’s legacy of being an advocate and social activist for South LA and will not be forgotten. All I hope is that they find this murder so that justice is served.

You could also watch the shooting, which took place not far on Crenshaw & Slauson, on TMZ here.

Feel free to purchase Nipsey’s album here:
Victory Lap [Explicit]

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