Voice of 1000 Gods: Keke Wyatt

Droppin’ this off to bless your ears. If ya’ll wanna hear some true SANGING and not singing .. this might be a well worthwhile listen to for ya’ll. I have always idolized Ms. Wyatt’s vocals. To me, her gift is truly one of a kind. She can bust windows and resurrect the dead for all I know really.. If ya’ll have a moment, I beg ya’ll to give her a listen to. She sounds just as good as live and as someone who appreciates singing, for me, this talent is a true mark of a singer. Don’t believe me, check out her song “His Eyes Is On The Sparrow”. Young lady makes me want to go to church and repent my sins, lol. Hope ya’ll enjoy her accapella version “His Eyes Is On The Sparrow”. It only gets better throughout the song.

You can also purchase this single here:
His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Here is yet another video of Ms. Wyatt singing nonchalantly as she changes in the fitting room. Her runs are just so extraterrestrial and divine. Give this post a like to hear more from Ms. Wyatt!

If ya’ll feeling’ Ms Wyatt, expect more from her! xox. Goodnight ya’ll.

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