KJazz: Possible Fundraising

Hi guys!

If anybody happens to work in the non profit and/ or music industry, your advice/ suggestions/ expertise would be appreciated! KJazz 88.1FM is currently searching for grants to raise funds for the radio station, and would like to learn more about joining programs that we qualify for as a radio station and also aid in the mission of educating communities on music. Our mission is to keep the legacy of jazz alive while sharing good music with the community of all generations. Thus far, the jazz community has made this possible and has allowed KJazz to grow as a radio station. However, we only want to continue growing and making good music accessible to everybody. We hope to do so by improving our radio equipment along with hosting more events to share the gift of jazz through live performances and shows. If anybody has any referrals to grant/ fundraising programs of any sort or is knowledgable in fundraising/ charity work, KJazz would greatly appreciate your contributions! Thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time.



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