Shawn Sounds Impresses The Voice Judges with “All My Life”

Ahh, not one bit surprised! Have been following this phenomenal talent on Instagram for the longest time and I am beyond excited that he’s finally joined The Voice. “Sounds”, it’s in his name. Definitely can’t fight a calling! He’s been in the shadows for a while now and I can’t wait for more people to know about his gift. Talent like his really sparks a fire in me, and I am glad others are slowly discovering him too. As an aspiring artist, I respect Sound’s humility. Alongside being a singer, Sound is also an elementary teacher and at 33, finally decided to compete on The Voice. Definitely one of my idols in the show. I think talents like him really helps to spice things up for the show for me. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself here! Truly a force to be reckoned with… Last year, I predicted Dalton Harris to be the winner of X factor 2018, and I wasn’t wrong! I only hope it would be the same this year and wouldn’t disappoint again this time around. Peace and love to ya’ll!

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