Story Time: Fate or Coincidence?

Wow, something of an odd incident just happened and thought I’d document this story as an attempt to respond to the universe’s mysterious ways and also to share the reason behind this sudden excitement before it evades me. Bare with me, it’s 1AM so I apologize for any grammar errors as I am a bit eager to share this and a bit worn out from a long work day. That, and also it’s quite the length so I appreciate those who read until the very end.

Soo, I had just gotten off work and I usually take the bus home. The bus normally arrives on time, if not only a couple minutes late with almost little to no trouble. But this time, for some reason, the bus was taking longer the usual. After waiting around 15-20 minutes, I realized that maybe the bus was no longer running, and so I decided I no longer wanted to wait anymore and called Lyft. It was getting really late and I did not feel safe taking the bus too late at night.

My Lyft arrived no longer than 2 minutes and when I got into the car, the first thing I noticed was the jazz music playing in the background. We began to make small talk conversation as the music on the radio played. As we began to engage in conversation, he began to share with me his experience as a Lyft driver thus far and the various commutes that he has taken. I asked him where the farthest commute he had taken was and he told me San Diego. I asked him why so far and he said that because he’s a singer, he often does performances in that area. At this point, I had a sense of where this conversation would go and I immediately replied with “oh, you sing?”. I proceeded to ask what kind of music he sings and he said mostly jazz. Now as you would already know, if you’ve been following my blog, this definitely piqued my interest. Of course, I ended up sharing with him how I intern for KJazz and immediately, he responded by asking about Bubba Jackson, DJ radio talk show host, as if they knew each other. He inferred that it has been a while since they had spoken, but seemed interested in reconnecting with him. I was in complete shock. I wanted to ask him so many questions, but realized that my time got cut short as we got closer to the destination. As we approached my house, he ended up giving me his business card and that was when I learned that he was also a vocal coach. As I left, I told him that I would definitely let Bubba know that he said Hi and that was that. I closed the door, left his car, completely in awe. As soon as I got home, I searched him up and lo and behold, it turned out that he’s worked with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Toni Braxton, BabyFace to name a few.

Idk. The biggest thought running through my head was what were the odds of this happening. I could have waited 10 more minutes for the bus to arrive, it could have been another driver who pick me up, he couldve been somewhere else when I called Lyft, so many things could have happened but I felt like that moment helped me to make sense of things. It could have been one of two things: either sheer coincidence or the universe way of guiding me, especially during a time when I need it the most.. a friendly reminder of some sorts. idk really, who really knows. all I know is that I have this dude’s number and even made a new mutual acquaintance. I don’t know the point of this story, but I guess a simple documentation. a story filled with both disbelief and wonder. but most importantly, I think, a word of encouragement, reassurance, and hope for the future to keep going, and not give up just yet.

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