MAC Laptop Malfunction: SOS

😢 hey guys, so I’m kinda experiencing some difficulties with my mac laptop and I would really appreciate any help. I was using it the other day and the screen suddenly began glitching, and green lines started to appear so I just closed my computer and put it away. I turned it back on today and the whole screen turned green. I turned it off and now it won’t turn on. Every time I turn it back on. the screen stays blank and starts making a beeping noise. I’m a bit disheartened by this and am hoping to get this issue fixed pronto.. I’m not sure if its a RAM, storage issue, or if my comp simply caught a virus, but I am planning to pay a visit to Mac to get some diagnostic on this. If anyone knows of any possible solutions to resolve or has experienced a similar problem, I would greatly appreciate it. In the meanwhile, I am working with what I have at the moment and am posting this from my phone.. but it’s really not the samee. Nonetheless, I am still going to try my best to stay consistent with my content while I get this figured out. Sorry guys and I apologize for the long post.. just feelin disappointed. Thank you to those who read up until this point to listen to my rant, hope to get my mac up & running again soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

much love,


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