KJazz Mobile

Quick PA..

KJazz, The World Stage, and Just Jazz are orchestrating a new production known as KJazz Mobile which will be an ongoing event of free concerts of musical acts performing on a moving vehicle, in public avenues such as local libraries and parks. This event is opened to the public, but is meant to cater to underserved communities, allowing them to not only simply enjoy the gift of music but most importantly, to also feel closer to their communities. I have written a newsletter, which will be published soon. I will definitely keep ya’ll posted on its release along with the release of KJazz January issue, which I had the pleasure of working on as well. Big things in the works. Will check back with ya’ll soon.

In the meanwhile, feel free to browse the KJazz site here for more information, KJazz 88.1FM the number one radio station for Jazz and Blues in America.

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