Ugh, always finding myself going back to Jessica Sanchez.
She’s truly gifted. Hands down my biggest musical inspiration as an aspiring singer.
To be quite frank, I stopped watching American Idols years after she lost this competition. I acknowledge that music is subjective and that good music is defined in many ways among others, but all I know is that when you hear a phenomenal voice you know, because it moves you unlike any other. It makes you feel something, it inspires you. and that’s what Sanchez did for me. She performs Falling after she was down to the bottom three until the judges used their only save on her. Though I absolutely loved all her performances, this was my favorite only because it shut up those who doubted her. Even in the face of all the doubt and negativity, she still triumphed. Though I could only wish I sound this good, she inspires me to continue striving. To face both my strengths and witnesses, and to me I believe that what an artist is about. It’s about the craft. Those who come out to the top, always always start from the bottom. and no matter what you, you fight for yourself and what you believe in.

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