Ms. Lauryn Hill, the educator, the fighter, the lover, the artist.
The Album The Miseducation of Miss Lauryn Hill, many may agree, is one heavy of soul touching blues of one’s life story. The album represents female empowerment and speaks to the reality that is often hidden by those who fabricated a false narrative to appeal to the status quo. It’s real and raw, resonating with who live by the truth. I appreciate Ms. Hill’s craft, but also her role as a leader who addresses the injustices of the world. She utilizes the gift of music as an instrument to help alleviate the fears and anxieties created by social issues that could leave individuals feeling burdened and overwhelmed. And as an individuals who always had a lingering curiosity of broken system, I hold Ms. Hill’s mission as an artist and musician to a high regard. I have a handful of favorites from this album including Ex- Factor and Killing Them Softly, to name a few. Hill is truly a blessing to this earth her musical craft, but also for her genuine desire to lending a helping hands for others.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

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