Soo, I recently came across the song “Reflection” from Disney movie Mulan and thought I was bound to find a cover of the song somewhere online. Lo and behold, I came across Charice Pempengco’s rendition of it. Her rendition is mesmerizing and inspiring at the same time. The maturity of her voice at such a young age is mind blowing that it brings me back to my own youth when I deeply aspired to be a singer. The thought of a singing career was unfathomable, I never would have thought it could ever be possible. I feel so much regret but at the same time, I feel a great sense of hope and faith. If ya’ll have a moment, I would really suggest ya’ll to check out her version. truly a blessing to the ears. Another one of my favorites is Jessica Sanchez, which I was shocked to discover, as it never crossed my mind that she would make a cover of the song. She, too, also brings out such beauty of the song and, again, at such a tender age it’s hard to believe such a mature voice is coming from a young girl. In all honesty, I would have to say I prefer their versions over the original. No sugar coating. I said what I said.. They sing it in such a way that reflects a sentiment that I think is more suited to the message of the song. Don’t get me wrong, Aguilera is a great singer and she sings it beautifully too but I don’t know, Pempegnco’s and especially Sanchez’s version caught my attention more… I only wished that they sang the song again during their early years of adulthood. If I am making absolutely no sense I guess ya’ll would just have to check it out to know what I’m talking about. Both renditions are posted below. Enjoy.

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