KJazz Membership Club Cards


Hey ya’ll, this one is for all the current KJazz listeners out there (or prospective listeners)! If any of ya’ll tune into KJazz 88.1FM, we are collaborating with participating businesses to offer our listeners discounted prices for various services. Listeners have access to these deals through the KJazz membership club cards, which you could sign up for and learn more about on the KJazz site. With this card, you have the opportunity to explore places located throughout Southern California from San Pedro to Pasadena to Santa Monica to Huntington Beach and find hidden gems you can enjoy and revisit alongside your friends and family. The membership cards get you discounts at places such as: museums, dining restaurants, clubs, music stores, and travel services. This includes LACMA, Santa Monica Pier Aquariam, Columbo’s Italian Steakhouse& Jazz Club, AB Music Studios, and Enterprise to name a few. I encourage ya’ll to check it out and to find more deals KJazz has to offer to the community. Happy New Years and enjoy discounting!

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