New Year, New… Me?

Hi ya’ll,

Let me start off with… this month has been extremely hectic for me and there are so many changes happening in my life right now that I haven’t really gotten a moment to just soak everything in and tell ya’ll what has been going. I don’t know if it might be because we are entering into a new year, but the timing is phenomenal. I want to take this moment to open up to you guys a little bit more and let you in on where I stand in the moment in this phase of my life and to be more transparent with ya’ll so you guys could also learn more about who I am. Things have been changing within my work, family, school, and personal life that it almost feels metamorphic.. for a lack of a better term.

My sister recently gave birth, and even though I am already an auntie to two little boys, it feels all brand new to be a new auntie to a third. I guess it might be because it is my sisters’ child this time. I have been helping out with the baby situation at the moment, and it’s been exciting to be blessed with such a wonderful addition to the family. My sister and her boyfriend have been amazing parents thus far, and are doing a great job with him especially for first time parents. The baby is gorgeous and his looks are a balance from both parents. Just looking at the baby puts me at ease, I can’t wait until he is grown so that we can communicate about what is on his mind and laugh about silly things.

Secondly, I am officially a LBSU alumna, which I recently wrote about on my last post and I feel so proud of myself but also very apprehensive for the future and what is it come. My time at LBSU has been an accumulation of different things, that until this day I don’t think I could have had it any other way. I am grateful for every person I crossed paths with at that time whether if that would have been asking the person next to me if they have a scantron that I never seemed to have, skipping class to watch the basketball game at the Walter Pyramid with friends, or laughing at a professor’s comment simply because I was in desperation for participation points. In hindsight, despite all the stress from school, my time at LBSU was fulfilling and very rewarding (both emotionally and intellectually).

And thirdly, my experience at KJazz has been one that has constantly kept me energized to continue making plans for music. I have only been there a couple months and we recently had just gotten the bowl rolling in terms of organizing and reaching out to playhouses and performers for research and marketing for the station. I learn more and more every day not only about work but also about myself, which keeps me grounded and ready for the next step.

And lastly, I am planning to move out of my parents’ house and hopefully into a place of my own where I have a creative space to make the content I want to make for you all. I have always enjoyed expressing myself through my creative work and continue to do so. I initially created this blog to share my creative passions with you all, and plan to remain committed to that mission. To be honest, it can be quite lonesome to have this desire to create, but not have the right space and tools to do so. So once I have everything in my personal life situated, I will be in the right mind to do what I have wanted to do. Collaboration, more content, more control over my life (& personal choices, really), all of that. I created my social accounts years ago, but have not exactly got it where I envision it to be, it’s mix of emotions, really. But I am grateful for every one of you are with me today. This is for all of you, and the practice of art, haha.

If ya’ll made it this far in the post, you know my sentiments.
I am not going anywhere and am in the process of sharing and learning more about ya’ll.

In the meanwhile, I am waiting on content to be released both by KJazz & 22WestMedia which I will be announcing shortly. Again, thank you for being here for the ride. Feel free to check out my art pages, my Photography & Art Drawings, which I have some minor updates to, if ya’ll are interested and are looking for some inspiration. Thank you again for your time and company.

‘Til next time,

x Lo

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