Update: Music Stuff & KJazz ‘Excursions’ Program


Hi guys!

First off, I hope everyone had a great holiday. ❄ ☃
While I’ve enjoyed my break and am still in vacation mode, I have gotten back to the grind since there is so much I have to do! I thought I’d share with you what I am currently working on and what has been on my mental recently. I am currently interning for a radio station called KJazz and want to share with you a new program that we have recently aired called the “Excursions”. “Excursions” is a prime example of avant-garde— a delicate fusion of both classical jazz and hip-hop that people of any age may like and may find resonance with. I know for me it is something that I find joy in and only hope you do too. If you do, I encourage you to spread the word on this wonderful addition so we can continue to share good vibes and music with everyone. I still have so many projects I got on my mind, but thought I’d share with you that another time when I am ready.

Thanks again for tuning in.
If ya’ll are interested in hearing more, I filmed a semi-shortish video on my youtube channel where I talk about it here!

peace & love.
♥ Lo

Links Below ~
✦ KJazz Archived Programs ‘Excursions’
✦ 22 West Media

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