Turning the Page: Graduating LBSU Fall 2018

My experience at CSULB has been one filled with an array of emotions ranging from frustration, sadness, anticipation, and excitement but most especially in hindsight a great sense of accomplishment. As a freshman entering college I had felt lost, almost discouraged. I doubted my path and felt a deep sense of uncertainty about my future. However, thankfully with the guidance and inspiration given to me by my professors and the quality education I received, I also felt a sense of security. Despite the constant pressure of fulfilling a profession that was more aligned to society’s standard and my family’s expectations, I always felt that what I learned in class would one day become of great use in the future. That during times of anguish, doubt, and anger I would be reminded of what I learned in the classroom. For those who aren’t familiar with the discipline, sociology in essence examines and analyzes systems of power, ideologies, and social structures that perpetuate injustices and inequalities of society. It conditions us to constantly critique and challenge normal ways of thinking to produce better social behavior. For me personally, I dont think this is will be an experience I would’ve learned by myself without being surrounded by peers who thought the same way as me or had the same concerns as I did. It is an invaluable lesson I’ll bring with me anywhere I go or where my path chooses to take me. Class time was often filled with insightful discussions about the worldly issues that we as individuals should be concerned about, but what is often unfortunately disregarded as unimportant. But time and time again I was reminded of why I chose sociology in the first place and til this day I cannot say that I truly regret it. I have learned things I wouldn’t have learned at home or even with friends in my social circle. We discussed matters that will eventually come to the surface if not now, far later in the future.. and when it does I wouldn’t be one bit surprised. I was guided by professors who I know had shown they had nothing, but good in their hearts to do good for the world. and I want to rightfully give them credit for my accomplishments at LBSU and for what is to come in my future endeavors.

I may have graduated, but for me life is only just the beginning.

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