2018 UK X Factor Winner: Dalton Harris

Words can’t describe how happy I am to find out the Jamaican singer won the champion UK X Factor title. I have been rooting for him since the beginning that I could not listen to any other artist the same. Can’t really explain it but something in me saw potential in him as soon as he walked on stage― I am glad others saw it too. In all honesty and with no exaggeration, I can say this is the first time a vocal competition show has not disappointed me (.. still salty about the loss of 2012 American Idol Runner Jessica Sanchez).. Simon was right, only good things were bound to happen from his audition. I also adore that his purpose is to simply inspire people with music. It’s not the fame, the money, the prestige and not only his vocal ability to wows me but also his showmanship, personality, and character. From personal observation, he is a humble guy who only wants to spread good messages and set a good example for generations to come. As frank as this sounds, I couldn’t care less about what others have to say about him or even what happens to his professional career after the show is over— he will always be star in my eyes. I could only hope, as an aspiring artist, that I keep his advice and continue believing in myself as he does. With a voice as big as his, he will open the gateway for many others who find pure bliss and solace in good music too. His presence has given me hope not only for my own future, but for the music industry.

Harris is truly a force to be reckon with.

I’ll leave you with this. Harris’ last performance with James Arthur, “The Power of Love”, which is now officially number one on the Top 100 charts of Vodafone in the UK. The song was initially written by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (a UK festive favorite) in the early 80’s. However, I believe Harris (and Arthur) did a phenomenal job of bringing the song back to life. The original version of “The Power of Love” is also posted down below. Appreciate both versions, hope ya’ll enjoy em as much as I did.

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