Mariah Carey: Caution


Mimi, the Queen of soul & rnb, is back on a worldwide tour spreading good vibes with her new album Caution. And needless to say, she’s got some fire jams in there. I think the album was a way to connect to the new music of today’s generation while reminding us that the early 2000’s Mariah Carey is still here with us. I can see this with “The Distance” ft. Ty Dolla $ign & “GTFO”. Some other catchy tunes that I also consider my favorites are “A No No” & “8th Grade”, which reminds us that Mariah’s “We Belong Together” and “Shake It Off” persona is still very much alive in her artistry. The Caution album contains a mixture of both soulful tunes and upbeat songs that I think everyone could find a liking to. Glad she’s back and making music, it’s been too long. Her voice gives major nostalgia and don’t think I could get enough. Her voice reminds me of how much pop culture has changed. We need more artists like her in our music industry today so that we don’t forget the value of good music..

think it’s been a long time coming. A decade later, and still got mad respect for the queen, Mimi.

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