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Did some admin work today and got to know some of my office mates.
The office is much bigger than I thought, and people are hilarious and fun to talk to.
Wrote about 30 thank you letters, and couldn’t feel my hand anymore after it all.
Who knew standards would come back to haunt me years later at the work place..
Bunch of ideas, bunch of work to do. Creative juices are flowing.
Currently working on another article for 22WestMedia that I will be submitting soon.
Wrote it about KJazz and its’ new “Excursion” Program, excited for ya’ll to read it.
Telling myself it’s baby steps.
Also, I’m inspired to be posting more singing videos on my instagram which I will be sharing when the time’s right.
Thanks for tuning in with me ya’ll (that’s radio talk might be rubbing off on me haha)

Until next time.

Much love, much peace.

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