10/04/18 Walt Disney Concert Hall: Los Angeles Philharmonics

Exterior // WDCH
Interior // WDCH

It only feels rights to say that I feel like an official LA resident now that I have visited and sat in the Disney Concert Hall.. Given the high prices of tickets (each being about $200 dollars a piece), I feel blessed to have witnessed such a performance as this happens rarely (at least in my lifetime). I was probably the only youngster in the audience, but it was quite an experience to be surrounded by, as they would say, “bougie” individuals with high taste and sophistication. I have to admit I do not know much about orchestra performances beside the fact that they are huge ensembles that consist of numerous instruments including: the cello, harmonica, piano, clarinet, trumpet, and violin organized to create symphony (shout out to MUS 393 & MUS 468). However, I absorbed as much as I could taking into account the rhythm and style of each composition to the architecture of the stage. The design of the entire room allows the audience to pick up on every acoustic and even the slightest sound of a pin drop.. As I was told by my cousin, the building was designed by the most renowned architecture, Frank Gehry. It is a completely different experience watching an orchestra perform on video than play live. As I’m sure others in the audience would agree, based on their own candid reactions, it was a compelling performance to watch to say the least.

The orchestra was conducted by Gustavo Dudamel who, I was told by the sweet older lady sitting next to me, is from Venezuela. She told me he was a very humble guy who wouldn’t bow to the audience, but instead allow the spotlight to remain on the musicians— which I thought was very rare (given the talent and passion he clearly had throughout the performance). The duration of the whole performance was about an hour and a half, give or take some, and was divided into three sections. The first was titled “esa-Pekka SALONEN” (19 minutes), the second “BEETHOVEN” (37 minutes) which was my favorite, and lastly “Andrew NORMAN” (45 minutes) which I would say probably was my least favorite. The last composition had strong emphasis on dissonance and was more daunting than soothing, which is not what my ear is accustomed to. The performance in its entirety was captivating most especially, the moment I won’t forget— the sound of the violin piercing the air, leaving the audience entranced at his last note. While I have many other memories I would like to share, I would like to cut this shorter than I’d like only because I might leave you with a novel, which isn’t my intention. In celebration of the LA Fest: 100th Season, I would like to leave this post on this note. I would say the whole program was definitely one for the books. Shout out to my incredibly bright and intelligent cousin, who I attended the event with and offered me this opportunity and whom I shared this experience this. I would say it was the most memorable musical experience I’ve had this month (with plenty more to come). Once again, thanks for reading ya’ll && for sticking around.

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  1. So glad you experienced a classical concert! I attend them here and I know all about being the youngest audience member. Such a pity more people our age don’t attend because as music lovers it’s good to get push outside our comfort zones with the type of music we listen to… Can’t believe how expensive your tickets are there in the US though – in Johannesburg they are the equivalent to about USD15 (but then, we don’t have fancy halls like the one in your pictures)! Anyway – thanks for posting!

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    1. ah I totally agree, I normally don’t listen to classical music but it was refreshing to hear something new. Definitely something out of my comfort zone but I dont regret it And wow, that’s really affordable it must be nice. tickets here are highly priced but then again its the WDCH so im not sure if it would be right to say that they are overly priced haha anyway, thanks for reading!

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    1. Hmm I would say as someone who normally don’t attend these events, I would definitely say it’s worth going to at least once, that’s only if you’re a lover of music and could appreciate all types of music. It was definitely something new. I don’t listen to classical music, but it was an experience i don’t regret either

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