The Untold Story of Nivea’s ‘Complicated’ Career #FindingNivea

From a huge urban icon in the early 2000’s to a re-emerging artist who fell off the radar for years, Nivea is back. and I hope ya’ll are ready for her. Nivea reached great heights during her late teens releasing hit singles that I could still jam to today such as “Don’t Mess with My Man”, “Laundromat”, “Complicated”, etc. the list goes on. I still remember the Ms. Complicated singer as the black princess with colored hair and a soul-touching voice. Watching her videos today give me major throwbacks of early Hip-hop music that was a huge trademark of my childhood. She recently released a 15 minute interview this month with BET called “#FindingNivea“, where she uncovers the adversities and struggles of her experience as a hit wonder who had to give up her music career when she became the mother of four children. For me, she reveals a lot of truth that speak to the moral of character and it made me grow a newfound admiration for Nivea. If ya’ll hadn’t watched it just yet, I would recommend giving it a watch as she shares a lot of herself in the interview. As a former captain of my drill team (way back in elementary of 2005) I always thought her music was poppin’ and still do. Nivea was one of my biggest musical urban pop inspirations, and still continues to be. Now that her children are grown and she has time for music, Nivea has reappeared in the spotlight and is more than ever ready to get back into the game. And I couldn’t be anymore excited for what the future has in store for her. Over a decade later and I have no doubt that she’ll be stronger than ever. Nivea remains to be one of the OG’s of urban culture, and she still has my love and support. What do ya’ll think? Ya’ll excited for her comeback this upcoming year? Leave your comments below I would love to read what’s on your mind ~

Til Then,


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