Your support means the world, I appreciate you

So lately, I have been receiving good support and feedback on my blog so I thought I’d give that some recognition and along with that.. a short and sweet backstory to my blog.

If you read my very first post, you would have known that I wrote about the one and only Nina Simone– where I shared my thoughts on her documentary What Happened, Miss Simone? I wrote it sometime around the end of 2016, when I decided to create my blog. If you would have told me that I would gain a following I wouldn’t have believed you. I am so grateful for every one of you who have taken the time to check out my blog–whether that meant receiving an additional follower or not. I put a lot of time and energy into it, as I try my best to create content that truly expresses me and my own individuality.

When I first created this blog, I had no intentions of making Music the prime content for this blog— in spite of my first post. In fact, I was leaning towards more of a political outlet where I could build and share my political opinions.. But I believe I have taken a turn for the better when I recently decided that music is my truest passion. While I still plan to incorporate my social and political opinions, this blog has essentially grown into a creative and artistic outlet where I could showcase my interests and fascination for the arts. As you could probably already tell, I like to share my fascination for music, writing, visual arts, and photography and I plan to keep doing so. While I am in the process of creating bigger and better content for you guys, I appreciate you guys for visiting, taking the time to read my stuff, and letting me know you enjoy it. Though I still consider myself brand new to the whole blogging world, I know I have miles to go to get this blog to where I envision it to be. I also thought I’d quickly share that I plan to post videos of me making covers of my favorite songs, which I am a bit nervous about haha but have also been thinking about it for some time now. I’ll share more details with you guys once I feel that I am ready. I know this process may take some time, but I’ll get there slowly but surely. I would love to hear your thoughts and whether you are interested in seeing them. I look forward to ya’ll checking it out. I would keep writing since I have a lot more on my mind, but I’ll keep my word and cut this short haha. Thanks again for all your lovely feedback. I appreciate ya. Until next time.

XoXo ,

ps: Hope ya’ll had a great holiday ❣️

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