Soo, like everyone else who discovers hidden gems on Youtube, I came across a video that became my main inspiration for this post. If you’ve checked out my previous posts, you would probably have already figured that I’m into blues, R&B, soul music— which you are 100% correct about. I absolutely live for it.
The video that inspired me is a performance done by 16 year old Jessica Sanchez during American Idol Season 2012. The song Sanchez performed is “Love You I Do” by the one and only Jennifer Hudson, which was first released on the music drama Dreamgirls starring Hudson herself, Anika Nona Rose, and Beyoncé. I found her performance of Hudson’s song stunning and phenomenal, even winning a standing ovation from all three judges. If you’d like to see what I’m talking about, you could find the performance here.
Also, I had the opportunity of meeting her when she came to my school last week to perform. It felt almost surreal as I consider her one of my biggest musical inspirations. She’s just as amazing live and is incredibly sweet in person too!

Jessica Sanchez and I 12/2/17 at CSULB

Anyway, after watching her performance I had to search up the original version by Jennifer Hudson. I could say it has become one of my top inspirational songs and I would like to share with you. Enjoy!

*song begins at 1:30

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